Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sabbath Day

I love the Sabbath day. Long ago church was filled with color crayons, Cheerios and quiet books. Today it is a place for quiet reflection and searching the scriptures for messages that apply to my own situations in life.

I need the Sabbath lessons that help me stay centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ, reminding me how I should act and what to think to become more like Christ. Teachings that help me prepare for the trials that lie ahead in mortality.

I will never forget how I longed to gather together on the Sabbath for church the day after the Teton Dam burst in Idaho, when church was completely canceled. How I wished we could meet as saints to receive comfort and inspiration. We had just lost everything of a material nature, many of us were frightened, even ill.

The following week the saints were called together for a meeting with President Spencer W. Kimball and Elder Boyd K. Packer and given instructions and inspiration as we began to rebuild our lives. Meeting together as saints to hear the word of God and to feel of His love is one of the greatest blessings of my life.


  1. Now I can keep better tack of you. Thanks for the invitation.

  2. Wow that brings me back to June 5, 1976
    We were so thankful to have People come from far away on buses to help us clean up, shovel out, and lift up! We had only been married 4 months and I was 3 months pregnant. That was a lifechanging moment in time for me as well. Remember staying at Ricks College in the dorms as we didn't have electricity water etc. I remember you being pregnant in your HUD trailor with a box of peaches {I remember how yummy they smelled!} ready to make jam and pie ...memories!