Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Time

If there ever was a time the world needed to have hope in life after death, it is today. I am so grateful to know Jesus Christ did indeed rise from his burial tomb that first Easter long ago. Thankful that he was seen of many, and that the graves of the righteous were opened; that they were allowed to show themselves to their loved ones who bore witness of it, which we may read of in the Bible today.

I have heard it said that death is the greatest test of a person’s faith in God. Sometimes death comes suddenly, shockingly. Sometimes we welcome it as a release for the suffering. Knowing the plan of our Lord has always been that we may all be resurrected into eternal life, and that our associations may continue on in joy forever is a great comfort.

Even in the midst of a grieving heart, after the loss of a loved one, there still can be that glimmer of hope that we are only separated for a short while, and that one day we will throw our arms around each other and look into each other’s eyes and never have to face separation again.

For this gift I am indebted to my Savior, and revere his holy name during this Easter time. May you feel the peace of this gift in your life today and always!

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  1. Great reminder! Very sweet grandkids there! Hugs yer sis =)