Thursday, May 26, 2011

First RV Camping Trip

For this maiden voyage we stayed five days at Red Canyon campground, nestled among the Ponderosa Pines and under the towering Red rock formations called Hoodoo’s - elevation around 7,000 ft.

Getting there was tricky dodging semi’s stopped on the sides and in the middle of the road putting chains on their wheels. Luckily we tucked in behind a snow plow to get down the other side of the summit.

We set up camp before the snow storm hit, settled into the warmth of the trailer with hot chocolate in hand snuggled under our Vellux blankets from J.C. Penny’s.

By the next afternoon Kent and I were out exploring the red rocks of Southern Utah. We drove to Panguich, and then to Kanab. We stopped at a Moqui (pronounced Mow-as in mowing the lawn and Key) Cave with indian artifacts and dinosaur tracks, then hiked up to see the Pink Sand Dunes Park.

We stood over the stunning sights at Bryce Canyon Point, and then drove from Escalante to Boulder.

My favorite part of sightseeing was called Long Canyon Slot; a narrow place in the red rock canyon wall that we discovered in an unmarked section of road.

One night the evening weather cooperated so we had pizza at an out of the way outdoor cafĂ© where they promised live Friday night music. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay long enough for the entertainment to arrive but we did enjoy visiting with the locals.

When the weather cleared up we got the chance to enjoy the campsite outdoors. We enjoyed our new hammock and Kent and I read. Kent read a law thriller and I purused short stories by an Indian author who won the Pulizer Prize. Kent bought me some of my favorite kind of jewelry -turquoise- at an Indian shop on main street.

On the Sabbath, Kent and I went to the Panguich Second ward for sacrament meeting. For being such a tiny community of under 2,000 people we were surprised to see around 250 in attendance. Made us yearn to live in a tiny town as we listened to how much they loved their little city way of life.

Our last afternoon we ate a scrumptious meal of Dutch Oven chicken, hash browns with onions, corn on the cob, Caesar salad and lemonade. Kent made Peach Cobbler for dessert. It was delicious.

Now that’s what I call camping!


  1. Beautiful Photos and a wonderful camping trip to kick off your Trailors 1st camping trip! You both look so happy!